New modular sofa by Jaime Hayon for Republic of Fritz Hansen

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Furniture maker Republic of Fritz Hansen released pictures of Lune™, a modular sofa designed by Jaime Hayon.

The sofa is beautiful from every angle, with a playful touch that characterizes Hayon’s designs, but it was shaped for comfort. Indeed, it is apparently incredibly comfortable and soft. The seat is upholstered with a cotton-linen fabric blend, while the cushions are crafted using four layers of materials with a top layer of duck and goose feathers.

‘Lune’ is a Danish word that refers to the feeling one gets when everything is just right, in relation to temperature and comfort.

 The functional, modular system offers unlimited possibilities, from a straight two-seater to larger L-shapes, along with chaiselongue options.

“Born out of Hayon’s Ro™ and Fri™ chair design concepts, Lune is based on the same curvy design philosophy, making it quite distinct from other modular sofas. The bold design looks and feels like a conventional sofa but offers the versatility of a modular construction.” – Fritz Hansen

Lune-Modular-Sofa-by-Jaime-Hayon-for-Fritz-Hansen-02 Lune-Modular-Sofa-by-Jaime-Hayon-for-Fritz-Hansen-08Lune-Modular-Sofa-by-Jaime-Hayon-for-Fritz-Hansen-07Lune-Modular-Sofa-by-Jaime-Hayon-for-Fritz-Hansen-03Lune-Modular-Sofa-by-Jaime-Hayon-for-Fritz-Hansen-11 Lune-Modular-Sofa-by-Jaime-Hayon-for-Fritz-Hansen-12 Lune-Modular-Sofa-by-Jaime-Hayon-for-Fritz-Hansen-13Lune-Modular-Sofa-by-Jaime-Hayon-for-Fritz-Hansen-09Lune-Modular-Sofa-by-Jaime-Hayon-for-Fritz-Hansen-06Lune-Modular-Sofa-by-Jaime-Hayon-for-Fritz-Hansen-05


Find out more about this new sofa by visiting Fritz Hansen’s website.


Photos: Fritz Hansen



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