New Bodum BBQ

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This year’s hottest new grill is called FYRKAT Cone Grill, from Bodum.

Its look is based on the original 1962 before-its-time design by company founder Peter Bodum. The compact charcoal-powered grill features a conical design made of enamel-coated steel, stainless steel spit rod that can be turned by hand or by the integrated battery-powered electric motor, two cooking grates, steel legs with rubber footing, and heat-resistant silicone handles.

Its unique funnel shape is designed to provide optimal heat for cooking and a lower center of gravity for safety and stability. In the coal trade is also a receptacle for falling ashes.

The sleek FYRKAT Cone Grill comes in four signature BODUM colors–red, green, orange, and black. It is so new, you won’t even find it on the BODUM website. But visit anyway—there’s plenty of other cool stuff that may surprise you.
Recommended retail price: €140; roughly $200.

Photos: Connox


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