A Muted Interior Done Right

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I just came across an interior design agency I wasn’t familiar with: Design Therapy. Based in Stockholm, the team lead by stylist Tanya Lennholm and designer Natalie Strömberg creates beautiful, inspiring spaces with a clear Nordic aesthetic.

The home below is from their portfolio. With its consistent style throughout, the place is very elegant and has a serene atmosphere. Natural colours and materials were liberally used to create a clean look. A few black elements bring just enough contrasts, while the bathroom is a dark, spa-like cocoon.

The home was styled with well-curated furniture, lighting and homewares. I spot a Söderhamn sofa by IKEA, a 265 wall lamp by FLOS, a Vertigo pendant lamp by Petite Friture, and Wishbone chairs by Carl Hansen & Son, among others.

Pretty nice, right?


Muted-Interior-Done-Right-by-Design-Therapy-01 Muted-Interior-Done-Right-by-Design-Therapy-02 Muted-Interior-Done-Right-by-Design-Therapy-03 Muted-Interior-Done-Right-by-Design-Therapy-04 Muted-Interior-Done-Right-by-Design-Therapy-05Muted-Interior-Done-Right-by-Design-Therapy-13 Muted-Interior-Done-Right-by-Design-Therapy-06 Muted-Interior-Done-Right-by-Design-Therapy-08 Muted-Interior-Done-Right-by-Design-Therapy-09 Muted-Interior-Done-Right-by-Design-Therapy-10 Muted-Interior-Done-Right-by-Design-Therapy-11 Muted-Interior-Done-Right-by-Design-Therapy-12Muted-Interior-Done-Right-by-Design-Therapy-07

Photos: Adam Helbaoui via Design Therapy



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