Mirror Mirror by Maria Bruun

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Mirror Mirror is a series of angular and circular mirrors created by Danish designer Maria Bruun.

Playing with “the concept of reflection and reply”, these are so beautiful!

The mirrors reflect a small simplistic section of reality, dialoguing with the voyeur on their terms. Imagine a mirror that reflected more than one side of the story, mirroring from one side only can be inadequate and a simply untrue motif. A mirror should stimulate several layers of human reflection.

The collection of mirrors counts various interpretations that all reflect in different ways. The smallest of the mirrors is without a conventional useful reflection surface. However, the 90-degree angle makes the reflected object and surroundings seem distorted.

The medium and large angle mirrors have a larger reflection surface that also reflects on each other and mirrors the voyeur from different angles. The 90-degree angle still provides a distorted image of the mirrored object.

The circular mirrors calls for uncritical reflection of the voyeur, or moments of self-absorbed  navel-gazing, which provides an uncritical reflection of the mirrored object.

Update: Maria’s mirrors are now produced and sold by Paustian. Prices start at 270€. Drop them a mail if you are interested in buying one. 


Maria-Bruun-MirrorMirror-7 Maria-Bruun-MirrorMirror-6 Maria-Bruun-MirrorMirror-5 Maria-Bruun-MirrorMirror-4

Photos: Maria Bruun


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