Cushions by Christina Lundsteen

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We found out about Christina Lundsteen‘s cushions via Line Klein‘s blog, as she shared lovely pictures the Danish designer’s latest collection.  The colors and textures are simply amazing. Needless to say, these cushions made it straight to our wish list!

The Distinct series: Hand picked colours, patterns and textures which are newly produced in larger quantities.

The Unique series: Rare, made of antique materials from around the world combined in a new way in order to contribute with your personal choice to fit your home. And they are unique.

“I seek to recycle history by using vintage and antique textures from the past, this in a modern expression. (…) Traveling all over Europe looking for vintage and antique fabrics from across the world, my vision is to create cushions and bedspreads that bind together authentic pieces of history with the modern design of the 21st century. I strive to design collections that will serve the need and set the mood in homes around the world.” – Christina Lundsteen

Christina-Lundsteen-cushions-2Christina-Lundsteen-cushions-5Christina-Lundsteen-cushions-6Christina-Lundsteen-cushions-4Christina-Lundsteen-cushions-3Christina-Lundsteen-cushions-7Christina-Lundsteen-cushions Christina-Lundsteen-cushions-1


Photos: Thomas Skyum, Mikkel Adsbol and Line Klein via Christina Lundsteen



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