Malin Persson’s Holiday Décor

, , , By Catherine Lazure | Nordic Design

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I just came across beautiful pictures by Petra Bindel for a reportage in the latest edition of Elle Decoration, in which you can see Malin Persson’s amazing home (featured on the blog a few weeks ago) styled for the holidays!

It’s very natural, with evergreen, branches, hyacinths, cedar sprigs, etc. Beautifully simple!




Christmas-at-Malin-Perssons-02 Christmas-at-Malin-Perssons-03 Christmas-at-Malin-Perssons-04 Christmas-at-Malin-Perssons-05
Christmas-at-Malin-Perssons-06 Christmas-at-Malin-Perssons-07 Christmas-at-Malin-Perssons-08 Christmas-at-Malin-Perssons-09
Christmas-at-Malin-Perssons-10 Christmas-at-Malin-Perssons-11


Photos: Petra Bindel



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