Lundia’s New Fuuga Collection

, , , , By Erika Vierto

Finnish family business Lundia has been manufacturing timeless and classical furniture since 1948. In recent years, Lundia has began to renew its collections, making them more contemporary. The latest one is called Fuuga, and it is designed by design studio Helorinne & Kallio.

Fuuga consists of modules of different shapes and sizes. They are easy to combine with each other to create unique compositions to fit any room. You can choose from numerous colours, materials, legs, knobs, doors, drawers, and more. It is a great option for anyone wanting to participate in the design process of their virtually customized furniture.

Quality, functionality, style and a personal touch – What else could you ask for?

For more lovely images of Fuuga, check out Lundi’s Pinterest board.

Fuuga-by-Lundia-03 Fuuga-by-Lundia-04 Fuuga-by-Lundia-05 Fuuga-by-Lundia-06 Fuuga-by-Lundia-07 Fuuga-by-Lundia-08 Fuuga-by-Lundia-09 Fuuga-by-Lundia-10Fuuga-by-Lundia-01 Fuuga-by-Lundia-02

Photos: Lundia


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