Lumberjack Candle Holder by Normann Copenhagen

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Lumberjack is a new series of candle holders with a simple expression, meant to create a warm and nice ambience lighting. Danish designer Simon Legald was inspired by lumberjacks slowly chopping away at the trunk of a tree until it is balanced on a narrow point, these candle holders are an ode to the forrest. Each candle holder is turned from a a single cylindrical piece of wood. They have a built-in weight at the bottom to ensure that they stand stably on the table.

Simon Legald says: “I think it’s fascinating how small details can change the entire perception of a product. Lumberjack is a really good example of how you can remove a little in order to emphasize a lot. I have visited many woodturning workshops over the years, and I think this classic carpenter technique was a perfect way to add craftsmanship and finesse to an industrial design”.

The Lumberjack Candle Holders are available in three different sizes and seven different finishes that can be easily mixed and matched to create your own expression

Photos: Normann Copenhagen

Lumberjack-candleholder-normann-copenhagen6 Lumberjack-candleholder-normann-copenhagen5 Lumberjack-candleholder-normann-copenhagen4 Lumberjack-candleholder-normann-copenhagen3 Lumberjack-candleholder-normann-copenhagen2 Lumberjack-candleholder-normann-copenhagen1


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