A Little Goes a Long Way

, , , By Catherine

Stylist Emma Wallmén did a wonderful job at staging this apartment for sale in Söderlmalm, Stockholm. It is simple and well curated, and a good example that little goes a long way when it comes to interiors. Some interesting artwork, a few statement pieces, fresh flowers and greenery, a bit of color… Timeless and stylish!

I was also seduced by some of the shots below. Photographer Mikael Axelsson has a eye for great composition!

Enjoy the tour below.


Stylish-Sodermalm-Apartment-01 Stylish-Sodermalm-Apartment-02 Stylish-Sodermalm-Apartment-03 Stylish-Sodermalm-Apartment-04 Stylish-Sodermalm-Apartment-05 Stylish-Sodermalm-Apartment-06 Stylish-Sodermalm-Apartment-07 Stylish-Sodermalm-Apartment-08 Stylish-Sodermalm-Apartment-09 Stylish-Sodermalm-Apartment-10 Stylish-Sodermalm-Apartment-11 Stylish-Sodermalm-Apartment-12


Photos: Mikael Axelsson for Fantastic Frank



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