Limited Edition of PH Pendant Lamp in copper

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Poul Henningsen would have turned 120 years old this year. To mark the occasion Louis Poulsen, Danish lighting manufacturer,  is launching a limited edition of one of the first lamps in the PH system. Designed in 1929, the PH 3½ -3 is now available in untreated copper, which will take a unique patina over time. It will be sold for a limited period of time, from 1 March to 31 May  2014.

Pia Knudsen, Business Area Manager at Louis Poulsen, explains: “Lights are made to be used. We know that the relaunch of the PH 3 ½-3 light is a dream come true for many PH collectors. At the same time, we are noticing a strong tendency to combine multiple periods in domestic design, with PH lights magnificently uniting classic and modern in this context.”

“As we see it, PH’s birthday is a perfect occasion to revisit the point where it all began for one of the most widely recognized light designers the world has ever seen. It has been a fascinating adventure to delve down into the treasure chest and see how a light from the end of the 1920s can still produce absolutely beautiful light – even using modern LED light sources. Words such as ‘classic’ and ‘timeless’ take on a whole new meaning when you find yourself facing a design from the start of the last century and cannot help but admire the brilliance that went into its design and execution,” concludes Pia Knudsen.

PH 3½–3 Copper: Ø 330mm and H: 307mm.

More info here.

Photos: Louis Poulsen 

PH-Pendant-Copper5 PH-Pendant-Copper1 PH-Pendant-Copper4 PH-Pendant-Copper3 PH-Pendant-Copper2 PH-Pendant-Copper



  1. lawrence korn
    10 Dec 2015 / 03:57

    I would like to know if these limited edition copper lamps can be found.
    If they are not available in copper, what other material types and colors are available?
    Thank you,
    Lawrence Korn

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