A Light-Filled Home with a Beautiful Plywood Kitchen

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This Victorian maisonnette has been reimagined by Larissa Johnston Architects, whose team transformed the place into a light, bright and spacious family home

Humble materials were used throughout the space; timber, plywood, stainless steel, polished concrete and white plaster. Moreover, the simplicity of the interior is enhanced by the restrained palette.

One large but compact module in plywood incorporates the kitchen, staircase, storage and a study space – A clever and efficient design!

The home was furnished sparingly with mid-century pieces as well as with a few Scandinavian classics, such as Wegner’s Wishbone chairs and a Stool 60 from Artek.

Very nice!


Bright-Spacious-Home-with-a-Beautiful-Plywood-Kitchen-01 Bright-Spacious-Home-with-a-Beautiful-Plywood-Kitchen-03 Bright-Spacious-Home-with-a-Beautiful-Plywood-Kitchen-04Bright-Spacious-Home-with-a-Beautiful-Plywood-Kitchen-02Bright-Spacious-Home-with-a-Beautiful-Plywood-Kitchen-12 Bright-Spacious-Home-with-a-Beautiful-Plywood-Kitchen-05Bright-Spacious-Home-with-a-Beautiful-Plywood-Kitchen-13 Bright-Spacious-Home-with-a-Beautiful-Plywood-Kitchen-06 Bright-Spacious-Home-with-a-Beautiful-Plywood-Kitchen-07 Bright-Spacious-Home-with-a-Beautiful-Plywood-Kitchen-08 Bright-Spacious-Home-with-a-Beautiful-Plywood-Kitchen-09 Bright-Spacious-Home-with-a-Beautiful-Plywood-Kitchen-10 Bright-Spacious-Home-with-a-Beautiful-Plywood-Kitchen-11


Photos: Larissa Johnston Architects 


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