An Inviting Interior with a Classic palette and a Sophisticated Look

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Here are pictures from stylist Anna Marselius‘ work for residential developer JM, which she completed a few months back.

She based the look on two elegant and organic neutrals, greige and grey, which are both inspired by stonework and found in nature. The result is a calm and inviting space with a classic, sophisticated style.

The apartment was actually staged for a sale, but I think it looks relaxed and ‘lived in’. It feels more like a real home than a show model. Plus: Anna tells that the place was meant for seniors – A pretty stylish retirement home, right?

I like the picture ledge in the bedroom, above the bed, as well as how Anna styled the credenza – Good ideas to remember!


An-Inviting-Interior-with-a-Classic-palette-and-a-Sophisticated-Look-01 An-Inviting-Interior-with-a-Classic-palette-and-a-Sophisticated-Look-02 An-Inviting-Interior-with-a-Classic-palette-and-a-Sophisticated-Look-03 An-Inviting-Interior-with-a-Classic-palette-and-a-Sophisticated-Look-04 An-Inviting-Interior-with-a-Classic-palette-and-a-Sophisticated-Look-05 An-Inviting-Interior-with-a-Classic-palette-and-a-Sophisticated-Look-06 An-Inviting-Interior-with-a-Classic-palette-and-a-Sophisticated-Look-07 An-Inviting-Interior-with-a-Classic-palette-and-a-Sophisticated-Look-08 An-Inviting-Interior-with-a-Classic-palette-and-a-Sophisticated-Look-09 An-Inviting-Interior-with-a-Classic-palette-and-a-Sophisticated-Look-10


Photos: Kristofer Johnsson via Anna Gillar


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