11 Howard Hotel: Where Danish Minimalism Meets New York Realism

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Danish design firm Space Copenhagen is behind the glamorous yet casual interior of the 11 Howard Hotel in SoHo, New York City. It has a residential feel, meant to be comfortable and to create a relaxed atmosphere, but it is also smartly curated with sophisticated pieces, textures and materials. Think velvet, leather, linen and sheepskins, mixed with marble, oak and brass elements, in a palette of subdued burgundy, grey, sand, navy and pink – Beautiful!

The bedrooms are pleasantly bright, while the commune area are moodier, with an understated opulence.

Scandinavian design can be spotted throughout the hotel. You might recognize the Fly sofa and lounge chairs from &Tradition, a creation of Space Copenhagen, among others.

Artwork from contemporary artists adorn the walls and ceiling of the place: Prints by a Japanese photographer, wall sculptures by ceramist Katie Yang, hand-painted murals on silk by fashion designer Holly Fowler, as well as a large mobile by Alexander Calder..

“At 11 Howard, the timeless DNA of Danish minimalism is fused with New York realness. The resulting aesthetic is characterized by natural materials, subdued colors, and painstaking craft. Throughout the hotel, bespoke furniture and meticulously curated art objects subtly frame the guest experience.”


Visit it here:

11 Howard Hotel 
11 Howard Street 

New York, NY 10013
+1 888 296 5111


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  1. Jen
    6 Apr 2018 / 10:22

    Do you know where I might find the mirror in the bathroom you featured?

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