Inspiration from &Tradition: The Collection Captured

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We came across these beautiful pictures from &Tradition, from the Collection Captured series.

The Danish design house’s products are displayed and styled in a gorgeous home that serves as a perfect setting for the elegant furnishings. I’m loving the first picture below. The black Flowerpot pendant lamp combined with the blue Moor Rug, the stone Cloud two-seater and Palette table makes a stunning ensemble. I also like the use of cacti in the breakfast corner with bow windows – Lovely!


AndTradition-The-Collection-Captured-01 AndTradition-The-Collection-Captured-02 AndTradition-The-Collection-Captured-03 AndTradition-The-Collection-Captured-04 AndTradition-The-Collection-Captured-05 AndTradition-The-Collection-Captured-06 AndTradition-The-Collection-Captured-07 AndTradition-The-Collection-Captured-08


Photos: &Tradition




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