Inspiration from Sara Medina Lind’s Gorgeous Portfolio

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Swedish art director and photographer Sara Medina Lind has quite a talent to capture the beauty of a space with such a gorgeous light. Her pictures clearly depicts her interest for minimalistic interiors with a Scandinavian vibe.

The images below are taken from her fabulous portfolio. They all have a beautiful simplicity and a serenity… Good examples that less is usually more! Very inspiring.


Inspiration-from-Sara-Medina-Linds-10 Inspiration-from-Sara-Medina-Linds-08 Inspiration-from-Sara-Medina-Linds-06 Inspiration-from-Sara-Medina-Linds-05 Inspiration-from-Sara-Medina-Linds-04 Inspiration-from-Sara-Medina-Linds-03 Inspiration-from-Sara-Medina-Linds-02 Inspiration-from-Sara-Medina-Linds-01Inspiration-from-Sara-Medina-Linds-07Inspiration-from-Sara-Medina-Linds-09


If you like the beautiful wooden furniture in her pictures, they are from Sara’s own brand, Melo.

If you’d like to take a peak into her home, click here!


Stylist: Pella Hedeby
Photos: Sara Medina Lind



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