Inspiration from AYTM’s Autumn/Winter 2016 Collection

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AYTM has recently presented its Autumn/Winter 2016 collection, and it is gorgeous!

The Danish brand, which was founded a year ago, is all about providing elegant, luxurious and impactful design. They extended their assortment and now offer trays, candleholders, clocks, a vase and vessel series, storage jars and boxes, drinking glasses, and more. Lovely autumn hues and materials such as marble, oak, steel, glass, suede and leather, are in perfect balance.

Since sharing the news of their launched back in July 2015, I’ve been longing for one of their mirror tables and velvet poufs. This year, their wall decoration/sculptures by Leise Dich Abrahamsen and Roto mobile have been added to the wish list!


AYTM-AW2016-Collection-NordicDesign-02 AYTM-AW2016-Collection-NordicDesign-03AYTM-AW2016-Collection-NordicDesign-01 AYTM-AW2016-Collection-NordicDesign-05 AYTM-AW2016-Collection-NordicDesign-06 AYTM-AW2016-Collection-NordicDesign-07 AYTM-AW2016-Collection-NordicDesign-09 AYTM-AW2016-Collection-NordicDesign-10 AYTM-AW2016-Collection-NordicDesign-12 AYTM-AW2016-Collection-NordicDesign-13 AYTM-AW2016-Collection-NordicDesign-14


See their A/W2016 Catalogue here.


Styling: Lene Rønfeldt 
Photos: Christian B. from Yellows via AYTM




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