Reydon Grove Farm by Norm Architects

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This is Reydon Grove Farm, located in Suffolk, United Kingdom. Designed by Danish firm Norm Architects, the house consist of two main sections separated by a central hall. The main living areas can be found on one side, while the bedrooms and bathrooms are located on the other. The interior is simple and functional.

The long structure was meant to resemble to the existing barn and old dairies in the plot, but in a contemporary way; far from the usual farmhouse style from the area. The exterior walls are covered in vertical planks of larch; with time, they’ll develop a beautiful grey patina and create a nice weathered look.

Transparency was the rule of thumb when thinking of the facade; all the large windows blur the lines between the inside and the outside, making nature an integral part of everyday life. Beautiful, right?




Photos: Norm Architects




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