Ice Hotel Suite inspired by TRON

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For all TRON fans out there!

Architect Ian Douglas-Jones and designer Ben Rousseau  joined forces to realise a unique project with a sustainable focus.  To commemorate the release of Disney’s new film, TRON: Legacy, the design duo created the cutting edge Art suite ‘Legacy of the River’ at the Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden.

In temperatures as low as -32°C, they designed the futuristic Suite by using innovative lighting technologies that requires negligible amounts of energy. The two designers will use this unique project as a platform to launch a new range of illuminated furniture and interiors products due out early 2011.

“We are both massive Tron fans, so the timing of the release of Disney’s new 3D high-tech adventure was absolutely perfect. The suite itself takes most of it’s influence from a nightclub scene in the film involving one of our favorite music artist Daft Punk, who wrote the score for the film” says Ian Douglas–Jones.

You can follow the progress of the suite at the project’s website, Extreme-Design.

Photos: Arch Daily


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