HTL Hotel by Koncept Stockholm

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HTL on Kungsgatan is a new hotel with a top downtown location, high quality and attractive prices. It is designed by Koncept Stockholm, which is also behind the amazing Scandic Grand Central, Story Hotels and B.A.R. restaurant, among others.

HTL has a timeless and smart décor, a luxurious feel, and with a great dose of Nordic cool.

“It’s feminine and sporty, a bit like a cashmere sweater with an edge.” – Koncept Stockholm

Kungsgatan 53
111 22, Stockholm
+46 8 4108 41 50

Photos: Koncept Stockholm

HTL-Hotel-by-Koncept-Stockholm-Stockholm-01HTL-Hotel-by-Koncept-Stockholm-Stockholm-02HTL-Hotel-by-Koncept-Stockholm-Stockholm-06 HTL-Hotel-by-Koncept-Stockholm-Stockholm-05 HTL-Hotel-by-Koncept-Stockholm-Stockholm-04 HTL-Hotel-by-Koncept-Stockholm-Stockholm-09HTL-Hotel-by-Koncept-Stockholm-Stockholm-03HTL-Hotel-by-Koncept-Stockholm-Stockholm-07HTL-Hotel-by-Koncept-Stockholm-Stockholm-08


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