The home of Naja Tolsing from All The Way To Paris

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This is the home of Naja Tolsing, artist and graphic designer at All the Way to Paris. She lives in this 96 sqm apartment in Frederiksberg with her partner, architect Kristian Rehder, and their son.

They moved in a few years ago, and they truly succeeded in turning this space into a cozy, warm and personal home. Their main challenge was to create a cohesive, put-together look in their open floor plan, while providing a subtle sense of separation between rooms. They went for a consistent color palette, and the birch veneer (kitchen, bookcases and coffee table) is used in accent to connect the spaces. The walls are punctuated with eye-catching art, and the interior is furnished with vintage finds and modern pieces – A beautiful whole!

Photos: Denis Sytmen via Bolig Magasinet

Home-of-Naja-Tolsing-03 Home-of-Naja-Tolsing-04 Home-of-Naja-Tolsing-05 Home-of-Naja-Tolsing-02Home-of-Naja-Tolsing-07Home-of-Naja-Tolsing-06  Home-of-Naja-Tolsing-08 Home-of-Naja-Tolsing-09 Home-of-Naja-Tolsing


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