How the best restaurant in the world stays on top

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We wanted to share with you a nice little article on how Noma manages to stay on top year after year – Definitely an interesting read!

“Samuel Nutter, sous chef at Copenhagen’s Noma, explains how the best restaurant in the world three years running keeps its employees–and more than a few local grasshoppers–on their toes.

If you pay any attention to food news and restaurant raves it’s been hard to miss the buzz emanating from Copenhagen over the last several years. That’s because of chef René Redzepi and his eight-year-old restaurant,Noma, which has earned two Michelin stars, the title of Best Restaurant in the World for three years in a row and plenty of New York Times acclaim. Believe the hype.

Redzepi first got attention because of the dishes he concocts out of such unexpected items as moss, ants, and bark foraged in wooded areas on the outskirts of Copenhagen–an innovative way to locally source ingredients in a rather inhospitable climate–but it’s the restaurant’s cultivation of a warm and welcoming environment and a dining experience that prompts guests to smile, laugh, and even cry (more on that one soon) that make Noma stand out among the greatest dining destinations in the world.

The day after the restaurant reopened from its annual three-week summer vacation (this year they renovated much of the neutral-hued dining room while Redzepi brought a small team to London’s Claridge’s Hotel for an Olympics-timed pop-up), on behalf of Co.Create I indulged in a nearly four-hour lunch that was followed by a private tour of the kitchen and the test kitchen.”

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