A Home with a Warm, Pared-down Monochrome Look

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Here are pictures of an inspiring house for sale via Fantastic Frank. At first glance, it made me think of this inspiring interior featured on Nordic Design a year ago. It has a similar serenity and simplicity that I love.

It is a sparse yet surprisingly inviting home. The soft and natural tones provides a warm, pared-down monochrome look, as well as a serene atmosphere.  The place also has a harmonious mix of wooden furniture, with only a few black elements that ground the look. And it is yet again a great example of how art adds personality to a space.


Interior-Warm-Monochrome-Look-NordicDesign-01Interior-Warm-Monochrome-Look-NordicDesign-05 Interior-Warm-Monochrome-Look-NordicDesign-06Interior-Warm-Monochrome-Look-NordicDesign-04 Interior-Warm-Monochrome-Look-NordicDesign-07Interior-Warm-Monochrome-Look-NordicDesign-03Interior-Warm-Monochrome-Look-NordicDesign-02


If you are into such creamy palette, check out this place!


Photos: Fantastic Frank



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