A home is not complete without art

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I think the house below is a fantastic example of how artwork can have an amazing impact on an interior.

Art makes a home prettier and more interesting. Art add personality, style, color, texture and life to any room. You can use it to create a unique focal point or a fun, eclectic and edgy arrangement – In any case, you will enhance a room, transform a blank space, and express your personality. Whether you like contemporary, modern, abstract or classical art, a creative piece is always a great attention grabber and conversation starter.

Throughout the years, I’ve created a collection of artwork I’m attached to, from paintings, and sculptures to children’s drawings and knick-knacks. Every once in a while, I like to quickly change up the look of my house by mixing up and rotating artworks for an instant update. I also swap around frames to give new life to an art piece.

I personally think art is always a good investment – The key is to go for what you like. Buy with your heart, and you’ll surely enjoy that special piece on a daily basis, and for a very long time.

For ideas on how to hang artwork, check out this Pinterest board or explore the work of talented Scandinavian artist via this website – A real treat for your eyes! For more inspiration, browse all our previous posts about Art here

Photos: Wotkjær & Kattrup via Femina

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