The Home of Stylist Helena Nord

, , , , , , By Catherine Lazure-Guinard

There is a new member of the bloggers team at Elle Decoration Sweden; Stylist Helena Nord just joined the lineup of talented people writing for the magazine.

She has been blogging for┬áMormorsglamour (which translates as ‘grandma’s glamour’) for over nine years, motivated to inspire her readers to do more with their hands – Cook, build, create.

A fan of flea markets and second hand stores, Helena’s home is a lovely mix of vintage- and contemporary furniture. She likes to keep her interior in neutral shades, mostly whites and greys, to create a timeless look she won’t get bored of too quickly. Wooden furnishings and knickknacks from around the world complete the look beautifully.


Home-of-Stylist-Helena-Nord-01 Home-of-Stylist-Helena-Nord-02 Home-of-Stylist-Helena-Nord-03 Home-of-Stylist-Helena-Nord-04 Home-of-Stylist-Helena-Nord-05 Home-of-Stylist-Helena-Nord-06 Home-of-Stylist-Helena-Nord-07

Photos: Helana Nord via Elle Decoration



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