Backyard to Die For at a Modern Barn House in New Zealand

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Oh my, I am swooning over the beauty of this home and its setting!
At first glance, I thought it was Danish summerhouse; the black and white color scheme so popular and traditional in Denmark. Gorgeous, right?

This stunning villa is actually located by the sea in New Zealand, and it was designed by Sumach Chaplin Architects. The backyard is to die for… Check out that view! Who wouldn’t want to lounge by the infinity pool? This place makes me dream.

What a stunning place!


Backyard-to-Die-For-at-a-Modern-Barn-House-in-New-Zealand-01 Backyard-to-Die-For-at-a-Modern-Barn-House-in-New-Zealand-02 Backyard-to-Die-For-at-a-Modern-Barn-House-in-New-Zealand-03 Backyard-to-Die-For-at-a-Modern-Barn-House-in-New-Zealand-04 Backyard-to-Die-For-at-a-Modern-Barn-House-in-New-Zealand-05 Backyard-to-Die-For-at-a-Modern-Barn-House-in-New-Zealand-06 Backyard-to-Die-For-at-a-Modern-Barn-House-in-New-Zealand-07 Backyard-to-Die-For-at-a-Modern-Barn-House-in-New-Zealand-08 Backyard-to-Die-For-at-a-Modern-Barn-House-in-New-Zealand-09 Backyard-to-Die-For-at-a-Modern-Barn-House-in-New-Zealand-10


Pretty awesome, right?

While the interior is not to my taste, some of you might enjoy it – See it here.

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Photos: Jeremy Toth via Desire to Inspire




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  1. Angie Callighan
    7 Aug 2016 / 15:44

    Simply love the design!

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