The Home of Joanna Lavén, Take Two

, , , By Catherine

Back in 2014, we’ve shown you the fabulous home of stylist Joanna Lavén.

We are pleased to have stumbled across new pictures, showing her beautiful place from different angles and in more details. And it does not disappoint!

Joanna used a calm palette of greys throughout her house, and she skillfully paired her numerous mid-century design pieces. while it could easily have looked dated, the style is contemporary and sophisticated. Every furniture and homeware seems to have been carefully selected and to have a story to tell.

What a beautiful, soulful place!


Home-of-Joanna-Laven-8 Home-of-Joanna-Laven-9 Home-of-Joanna-Laven-10 Home-of-Joanna-Laven-11 Home-of-Joanna-Laven-12 Home-of-Joanna-Laven-13 Home-of-Joanna-Laven-14



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Photos: Marcus Lawett




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