Holiday Inspiration from House Doctor

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Danish brand House Doctor has some pretty nice holiday-inspired pictures for they Sophisticated Encounters collection. I’ve selected a few of them to inspire you to create a casual, simple and Scandinavian winter wonderland!

About the collection:
“The collection Sophisticated Encounters pays tribute to the contradictions and unique stories of our home. Through beautiful ground colours, lush materials and sculptural expressions, we embrace the season’s autumn gatherings and family dinners. We set the scene with beautiful ceramics and create atmosphere with vintage-inspired lighting. Explore a collection that makes room for contemplation, tradition and thoughtfulness.”

Enjoy the pictures below.


housedoctor_Christmas_01 housedoctor_Christmas_02 housedoctor_Christmas_03 housedoctor_Christmas_04 housedoctor_Christmas_05 housedoctor_Christmas_06 housedoctor_Christmas_07 housedoctor_Christmas_08 housedoctor_Christmas_09 housedoctor_Christmas_10


See the full catalogue here.

Photos: House Doctor



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