Artilleriet’s Take on a Christmas Decor

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Artilleriet is a fantastic shop based in Gothenburg, Sweden. It’s a real treasure trove of stylish home accessories and furniture. They just released this lovely photo series showing  their take on a Christmas décor. It is rather minimal, with only a few ribbons, some sprigs of evergreen, advent wreaths, a small three, and apples in lieu of baubles… And I think it is beautiful! Moody, but warm and enveloping; simple and yet sophisticated.

Artilleriet conveniently listed the products they featured in the pictures, so you can get your hands on them if you want to. Find them here.

What do you think of this look?


Christimas-at-Artilleriet-01 Christimas-at-Artilleriet-02 Christimas-at-Artilleriet-03 Christimas-at-Artilleriet-04 Christimas-at-Artilleriet-05 Christimas-at-Artilleriet-06 Christimas-at-Artilleriet-07 Christimas-at-Artilleriet-08 Christimas-at-Artilleriet-09 Christimas-at-Artilleriet-10

Photos: Artielleriet




  1. Megan
    16 Oct 2017 / 23:14

    Love every image!

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