Giant Vipp Bin in Copenhagen

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Copenhagen has a mission – to be the cleanest city in Europe before 2015! Big goals call for big measures. Therefore Vipp has eight folded the size of its original pedal bin. For five months, the Vipp mega bin will embark on a Copenhagen city tour as a fun reminder for city dwellers to keep Copenhagen clean and green.

True to its original form and materials, the Vipp mega bin is constructed in scale 8:1. It has a volume of 3.800 liters and weighs 800 kg distributed on a 100 kg lid in stainless steel, 400 kg steel welded together to form the body, a foot made of nearly 200 kg bent steel, 80 kg milled rubber, a giant hinge, a logo machined in aluminum and a supersized pedal.

See the Vipp mega bin in a nice video here.

Since 1939, Vipp bin has been on a bit of a journey that has brought it all the way from Holger Nielsen’s metal goods factory in Randers for medical clinics, to design stores worldwide and a permanent part of MoMA’s design exhibition. From the day when the iconic bucket new heights, more precisely 2.5 meters and 2 meters in width, when as a contribution to Copenhagen Municipality campaign ‘REN love of KBH “starts walking tour in the capital to focus on the waste issue.

Photos: Vipp

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