Bunad blankets by Andreas Engesvik

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Norwegian designer Andreas Engesvik created his colorful ‘Bunad’ blanket collection inspired by Norway’s 18th- and 19th- century folk costumes. The blankets are produced by heritage fabric brand and national costume specialist Mandal Veveri.

The five designs were based on motifs from five different regions in Norway: Setesdal, Nordland, Fusa, Bringeklut and Sunnmøre.

The quality of the blankets has the right balance between weight and function (not too thick) and it drapes nicely. It is meant as an all-year blanket, to be used both at home and in the summer/winter cabin. Mandal Veveri is a nearly 100 year old textile company, and has a young and ambitious leadership. It is the leading producer of textiles for bunads in Norway today.

Andreas Engesvik on the design: ”All the colours are exactly the same as on the bunads; we did a lot of fine tuning of course, and we had to choose eight colours for every blanket, as this is the limit for the Jacquard machine” – which is used to create this unique pattern and texture.

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Photos: Andreas Engesvik

Nordland Bunad Blanket



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  1. emily
    2 Jul 2013 / 20:07

    gorgeous blankets! Such beautiful color combinations and they look so timeless even with the trendy chevron pattern. gorgeous!

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