Fun and Unique Gothenburg Apartment

, , , , By Catherine

What a lovely place! It’s perfect to kick off the week in style.

This 60 m2 apartment located in Gothenburg is for sale (here), and it is beautifully styled by Östlingh & Schedin. I like the neutral palette, the gallery wall in the staircase and the suspended chair in the living room (which doubles as a side table) – What a nice idea!

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Fun-and-unique-Gothenburg-apartment-02 Fun-and-unique-Gothenburg-apartment-03
Fun-and-unique-Gothenburg-apartment-05 Fun-and-unique-Gothenburg-apartment-06
Fun-and-unique-Gothenburg-apartment-10 Fun-and-unique-Gothenburg-apartment-11

Photo: Entrance Makleri


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