Free Glaze, Flowers and a Candle Holder for Danish Brand Lynby Porcelain

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Danish company Lyngby Porcelain is well-known for its 1930s vase with grooves inspired by the Bauhaus movement. It has been a popular design over the years and made it to the ranks of iconic design classics.

Lately Lyngby Porcelain has been exploring new avenues, using its signature design but giving it a contemporary twist. After glass variants and lamps, here are three new products from the Spring Summer 2018 collection, each with their own aesthetics and personality.



The first new variant of the popular vase features a bouquet of wild flowers in bright colors with gold trim, based on a design from the 1940s that Lyngby retrieved this from the archive. I’ll be honest, I am not totally sold on this new edition, but I have to say the image below is beautiful.


Free Glaze

A second variant of the vase has a glossy glaze running over the edge and down the side. It offers a nice contrast to the matte earthenware, creating a distinctive look. The glaze is applied by hand, making each vase one of a kind. It will be available in white, pink and black.


Candle Holders

Two candle holders featuring the well-known grooves of the Lyngby vase were created in collaboration with Copenhagen-based design studio Formgiverne.


All products will be available this month at selected retailers.


About Lyngby Porcelain

“The Danish Porcelain Manufactory – Lyngby Porcelæn (1936–1969) has always made a significant mark on the story of Danish porcelain in artistry and production alike. When production was at its peak, the factory accounted for one-third of all Danish porcelain production. The people who established the Danish Porcelain Manufactory in a disused sugar refinery in Lyngby in 1936 were truly driven souls! The entrepreneurial wholesale company Holst & Knudsen was behind its establishment, having first acquired Kjøbenhavns Porcellains Maleri in 1924, subsequently setting up in-house production of porcelain dinnerware, vases and other high-quality artisan pieces under the name of the Danish Porcelain Manufactory – Lyngby Porcelæn. The factory was equipped with the latest technology, taking Lyngby Porcelæn to the forefront of the industry and simultaneously laying the groundwork for the design heritage that is now more relevant than ever.

The factory closed down in 1969, but managed to make a significant mark on Danish design history with its unique and distinctive designs, many of which live on to this day. As exemplified by the signature design Lyngby vase, classic craftsmanship unites with advanced production techniques to form a DNA in every product that nurtures functionality and true beauty.

In 2012, the Danish Porcelain Manufactory – Lyngby Porcelæn rose again and is today behind the relaunch of the iconic designs, now recreated with the utmost care and respect for the design heritage. At the same time, the Danish Porcelain Manufactory – Lyngby Porcelæn discovers and highlights new designs and new creative talents, and so continues to write the story of one of Denmark’s most innovative porcelain companies.” – Read more about the history of Lyngby Porcelain and its famous vase.


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