ferm LIVING Autumn & Winter 2013

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It’s no secret by now that we are big fans of ferm LIVING, the Danish design brand launched in 2006 by talented Trine Andersen. When they launch a new collection, it feels like Christmas! And that moment of the year has arrived, and we can barely contain our joy.

The Autumn/Winter 2013 collection by ferm LIVING was launched this week, and we love it (but no surprises here!). After going through only 3-4 pages of their new catalogue, we were hooked! We want everything…

About the new ‘More’ collection: 
“A collection full of more. More decoration. More edge. More delicate materials. Brass. Leather. Wood. Paper. Marble. Textiles. More grey. Graphic grids. Distinctive design. New. More Geometric shapes. Hexagons. Circles. Triangles. Squares. More stripes and diamonds. More structure and more to touch. To mix. Bau deco. Wallwonders. More Hands and heart. Danish design to love. More to collect. More to wonder. More.”

Check the new catalogue here!

Photos: ferm LIVING

Ferm-Living-AW2013-9 Ferm-Living-AW2013-8 Ferm-Living-AW2013-7 Ferm-Living-AW2013-6 Ferm-Living-AW2013-5 Ferm-Living-AW2013-4 Ferm-Living-AW2013-3 Ferm-Living-AW2013-2 Ferm-Living-AW2013-1


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  1. 21 Aug 2013 / 02:03

    They have made some really nice new pieces for the fall and still managed to keep them all in the Ferm Living style.

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