Fantastic Minimalist Architectural Home in Skåne

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This is the stunning Baron House located in Skåne, Sweden. It was designed by John Pawson, known for his simple architecture

The vacation home was constructed on the footprint of old farm buildings that were originally on the site, resulting in four long, single-storey wings that create a protected courtyard.

The design is minimal, with sleek lines. The house has a black and white facade with pitched roofs in corrugated zinc, enhancing the beautiful simplicity of the place.

The interior was also keep simple, with polished concrete floors and white walls and ceilings. It was furnished with taste in an understated palette consisting mostly of browns that add a touch of warmth to the look. It is very spacious and airy, with lots of natural light and gorgeous views – Who needs paintings when you’ve got huge windows like that, framing the beauty of the surrounding nature…!? Wow.


Fantastic-Minimalist-Architectural-Home-01 Fantastic-Minimalist-Architectural-Home-02Fantastic-Minimalist-Architectural-Home-03 Fantastic-Minimalist-Architectural-Home-04 Fantastic-Minimalist-Architectural-Home-05 Fantastic-Minimalist-Architectural-Home-06 Fantastic-Minimalist-Architectural-Home-07 Fantastic-Minimalist-Architectural-Home-08 Fantastic-Minimalist-Architectural-Home-09


Photos: Åki E:son Lindman via Mattias Schlachet  and Anna Gillar with thanks.



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