Famous Chef and Nordic Food Movement Pioneer René Redzepi Opens Restaurant Noma 2.0

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Noma 2.0, one of the most highly anticipated restaurants of 2018, is now open for business!

This marks a fresh start chef René Redzepi, who is a leading figure in the Nordic food movement. After opening in 2003, the original Noma went on to be voted No.1 in The World’s 50 Best Restaurants on four occasions. The two Michelin stars establishment closed its doors after a last service on New Year’s Eve 2016, and Redzepi has since hosted short-term pop-up restaurants in Japan, Australia and Mexico.

His new endeavour is a 40-seat restaurant that promises a creative and unique gastronomic experience. The menu is all about fresh, local ingredients, and will change every season. First off, Scandinavian seafood is celebrated, and each dish will include an element from the ocean. Then will come a vegetable theme, followed by a game & forest-inspired menu. Described as an urban farm-to-table restaurant, the place is meant to be self-sustaining, with an on-site farm, greenhouses and dedicated fermenting and aging rooms.

The simple approach to ingredients was also applied to the new interior; the emphasis is on natural materials, with minimal aesthetic. An old naval warehouse in Copenhagen was transformed into a place fit for a fine dining experience by Studio David Thulstrup and Big Builds.  The place is clad with oak and Douglas fir from Dinesen, and large windows and glass ceilings make the dining room bright and airy. The furniture is from the exclusive ARV series by Brdr. Krüger.



The menu costs DKK 2,250 (approx. CAD 449) per person, not including drinks.

Good to know: 10% of seats will be reserved for students each night. The restaurant will select students at random from a waiting list; the chosen few will pay a special price of DKK 1,000 (approx. CAD 199), including wine or juice pairings.

This is another epic adventure for the famous chef. Will it be as successful as the original Noma? It is a gamble Redzepi is excited to make – See this video in which he says he “dares again to fail”.


Update: I’ve shared more pictures of this amazing restaurant here



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