Dusty colours by Jotun

, , , , By Catherine Lazure | Nordic Design

Painting a wall is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to revamp your interior. It is perfect for a quick update and to create a new look for Fall. I was highly inspired by these beautiful pictures taken from the latest collection of Jotun, a Norwegian paint manufacturer. The new palette was created for everyday simplicity, balance and beauty. The soft, dusty hues confer serenity and style to the rooms, which were gorgeously designed by Kråkvik & D’Orazio. What a beautiful harmony.

Photos: Margaret M de Lange


Jotun-Lady-Balance-paint-07 Jotun-Lady-Balance-paint-06Jotun-Lady-Balance-paint-08 Jotun-Lady-Balance-paint-05
Jotun-Lady-Balance-paint-03 Jotun-Lady-Balance-paint-02 Jotun-Lady-Balance-paint-01

P.S. I will launch my latest collection of original paintings very soon! If you'd like to find out more, get on my waitlist and I’ll send you a sneak peek soon.

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