By Catherine


  1. Amirbek
    24 Nov 2019 / 13:01

    Dear Catherina
    Wonderful color! Great job!
    Could you share me , how you get this color?
    What kind colors did you mixed and what proportion?
    Regards, A.

    • 16 Dec 2019 / 11:57

      Thank you for your comment! I didn’t mix this color – It is from the company Jotun. For something similar, check out ‘Teresa’s Green’ from Farrow & Ball.

  2. esthela
    30 Sep 2020 / 15:31

    Where did you bought it?

    • Catherine
      19 Oct 2020 / 16:30

      Hi, I don’t have information on the furniture, but I know Asplund in Sweden has a similar cabinet.

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