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For years now, I’ve been following the work of Kim Høltermand, a freelance architectural and landscape photographer from Copenhagen.

Born to a family of artists and architects, Kim developed a recognizable photographic style, bringing together shapes, light and unique mood to create epic images. He really likes shooting into the fog with the total lack of life, where he manages to create eerie pictures that appear almost surreal. There is a beautiful stillness represented in his work that inevitably leads to a sense of calm, showing the elegance of the North through abstraction, reflection and denatured colours. 

He immortalized Iceland, Denmark and Sweden in a series of stunning pictures that were heavily published in various magazines and blogs, and became instantly beautiful pieces of art.

“I think the Nordic countries represents some of the best canvases for photography. There is something about the nordic ‘mood’ that you don’t find anywhere else.” – Kim Høltermand

Northern landscapes and buildings fascinate Kim and, in recent years, he captured iconic architectural projects in a refreshing way that contrast with the typical architectural photography. He uses his talent to depict the subject in a way that enables the viewer to see the beauty of architectural design. He successfully transmits his feeling of places into his photographs.

“I like the kind of solitude that is when all people have left a building and it stands all by itself. Makes you feel that you’re alone with the building – intimate and moody.”

Take a look at the pictures below taken from my favourite series: Fogland, Norden, Iceland, Deserted CityTuve

And make sure to check his VSCO Grid for more exceptional pictures!


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Photos: Kim Høltermand


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