A Serene and Luminous Studio Apartment in Gothenburg

, , , , By Catherine

This 55m² studio apartment is so lovely! It is serene and luminous, with a clean, simple and understated look. 
I love the contrast of the few black furnishings against the soft color palette: Greige walls, white mouldings, wood tones, brass details and the old books’ aged paper pages – It all creates a very stylish whole!


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A-Serene-and-Luminous-Studio-02 A-Serene-and-Luminous-Studio-03 A-Serene-and-Luminous-Studio-04 A-Serene-and-Luminous-Studio-05
A-Serene-and-Luminous-Studio-06 A-Serene-and-Luminous-Studio-07 A-Serene-and-Luminous-Studio-08 A-Serene-and-Luminous-Studio-09
A-Serene-and-Luminous-Studio-10 A-Serene-and-Luminous-Studio-11

Photos: Jonas Berg via Stadshem


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