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The talented LA-based French photographer Alex Strohl caught my attention about a year ago and quickly became an inspiration.

Strohl’s work offers a new look at the wild landscapes of the most remote places around the world, from Patagonia to the northern hills of Quebec. He has the ability to capture the pureness and magnificence of nature. He brings a feeling of freedom in each photo, a feeling that is intended to make you want to travel and just enjoy the view in silence. A stormy sky, a warm sun ray, a moody cloud… It seems Alex is always at the right spot at the right time.

Strohl’s series on the fjords of Norway is breathtaking. The serenity emerging from his pictures shows the fjord’s natural beauty in a simple but dramatic way; the light, the emotion, the framing, everything is there. By focusing his 35mm lens on details that many of us would probably dismiss upon first look, his photographs evoke a strong sense of mystery and poetry– especially the pictures with a person alone in the immensity of the landscape.

For the outdoor fans and scenery lovers, Alex Strohl is defenitly an artist to follow!


norway-2013-6722 norway-2013-6750 norway-2013-6990 norway-2013-7057 norway-2013-7430 norway-2013-7446 Norway-Part-I_01 Norway-Part-I_02 Norway-Part-I_03 Norway-Part-I_04 Norway-Part-I_06 Norway-Part-I_10 Norway-Part-I_11 Norway-Part-I_13 Norway-Part-I_14 Norway-Part-I_15


What to see more? Make sure to browse through Alex Strohl’s portfolio – A 10 minutes well spent!





  1. 18 Feb 2017 / 01:34

    Discovered some adventures there in this series of the photograph. What is the name of the place of no.11?

  2. 25 May 2018 / 06:35

    Wow, excellent level of photography man. How thing can be beautiful this post is prove of that. This is called master piece of photography each and every photograph is looks is really outstanding. I like here most road under the tunnel, though here every picture is mind blowing. Nice presntation man.

  3. 8 Oct 2021 / 04:28

    wow what a level of photography …outstanding ..

  4. 8 Oct 2021 / 04:29

    wow, your photography level is outstanding to see that kind of photos.

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