Discover Timeless Furniture and Accessories by New Comer Warm Nordic

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Fans of 50s and 60s design classics will like this one!

Warm Nordic is a new comer in the industry, and I bet it is here to stay. It was recently founded by Frantz Longhi, the architect and businessman behind companies such as Paustian and Kähler. He believed (and I couldn’t agree more) that chairs by Hans Olsen and Knud Færch or lamps by Svend Aage Holm-Sørensen, among others, are still very much relevant today and these iconic Scandinavian pieces shouldn’t only be found at auction houses. He is now on a mission to bring back to life old classics that were no longer into production. These tiemless furniture and home accessories are now available to design lovers worldwide.

With two collections, one featuring old masters and the other more contemporary pieces, the company “embraces the warm, Nordic aesthetcis and tradition of craftsmanship.”

I am loving the feminine Fringe lamp – So on-trend right now! Also on my wish list: The sculptural Silhouette lamp, Be My Guest bench, the Cape lounge chair, Galore sofa in Amber velvet, and Nebula cushion. But seriously, I could go on and on – The assortment is truly beautiful.



“Warm Nordic celebrates the great Scandinavian furniture architects and designers who currently appear at international auctions, but in the 50’s and 60’s they created the most beautiful furniture and lamps in exquisite quality”, says Frantz Longhi. “We lift the classic design into the present in the company of new curated designs and refine the quality, the warm atmosphere of colors and shapes, which express the Nordic design heritage.

Basically, Warm Nordic is anchored in the Nordic design history, which, contrary to what many think, is not “Cool” but actually very warm. Warm Nordic is a response to several years of interpretation of the nerve in the Nordic design as cold design. Sure it can be somewhat cold outside – at times. But inside we have warmth and “hygge”. Danish “hygge” is so unique that it has become known all over the world. We want to give the audience new, beautiful choices among classic Scandinavian design. And we want to combine these icons with the best of today’s designers.” – Source


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