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If you haven’t heard about Love Warriors of Sweden yet, it’s time for you to take notice! The brand is quickly growing and building a terrific reputation for their unique items and hidden gems from around the world. Created by a group of treasure-hunters sharing a passion for travel, LW’s assortment includes home accessories, apparel and furniture. They also have a fantastic collection of photo art they created for the brand.

“Be it bijou, clothes, bags or interior pieces, everything we make is made with love, has a story attached and a reason to be.” – Love Warriors

We’re loving their inspiring lifestyle imagery; there is something poetic about them. See a selection below. Their style is raw, natural and earthy, with muted tones. Think Nordic aesthetics with a fantastic bohemian and ethnic touch.

You can find their beautiful products at Ingredients LDN, Norsu Interiors or Couleur Locale. Or visit Love Warriors’ website for more inspiration.



Inspiration-from-Love-Warriors-of-Sweden-01Inspiration-from-Love-Warriors-of-Sweden-02 Inspiration-from-Love-Warriors-of-Sweden-11 Inspiration-from-Love-Warriors-of-Sweden-08Inspiration-from-Love-Warriors-of-Sweden-10 Inspiration-from-Love-Warriors-of-Sweden-07 Inspiration-from-Love-Warriors-of-Sweden-06Inspiration-from-Love-Warriors-of-Sweden-13Inspiration-from-Love-Warriors-of-Sweden-09 Inspiration-from-Love-Warriors-of-Sweden-05 Inspiration-from-Love-Warriors-of-Sweden-04Inspiration-from-Love-Warriors-of-Sweden-12 Inspiration-from-Love-Warriors-of-Sweden-03

Photos: Hannah Lemholt and Paulina Arcklin for Love Warriors of Sweden


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