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Following my pregnancy announcement in this post about my baby wish list, I’ve received several emails asking for more information on the tumbling furniture I’ve featured. I am happy to oblige, as it is fantastic concept I totally believe in.

Back in 2006, Danish architect and new mom Bolette Blædel was looking for children’s furniture that encouraged play and movement. As she couldn’t find something that met her expectations and that was also well-designed, she partnered with her sister Louise Blædel and created bObles. In a nutshell, the company develops EVA-foam furniture that is meant to motivate children to move and to turn their motor skill development into play. It is all based on the premise that a kid with great motor skills has more body awareness, which in turn has a positive impact on their self-confidence, while strengthening their ability to learn and interact with others.

The shapes of the furniture are fun for kids, and they were also designed with parents in mind: They are stylish and simple, with Scandinavian aesthetic. Whether it’s a crocodile, an elephant, a chicken, a worm or an anteater, they are all developed with multiple options for use, allowing for imaginative play and freedom of exploration. Approved by a paediatric physiotherapist, the tumbling furniture are tiltable, rockable, rollable, stackable. Kids can roll, creep, crawl, balance, jump, have fun and, most importantly, develop their motor skills.

A few weeks ago, I had the chance to attend one of their Tumbling Time sessions, during which they present their products and their benefits, while kids roamed free and played with the furniture. It was so fantastic to see all of them being so excited about their experience; screams of joy, giggles and laughters were abundant.

Since its beginnings, bObles has won several awards, has been represented by the Museum of Modern Art in New York, and was invited at the Milan Furniture Fair – Quite an achievement for a designed-based children brand! And to celebrate their 10th anniversary milestone,  the company launched a very nice limited edition set that includes an elephant and a chicken in a beautiful marble look – See it here.

So far, I have an elephant for my boy, and I’m definitely getting some more bObles furniture in the near future! Something that looks good and helps my kid develop his motor skills, confidence, learning abilities and social skills… What’s not to love!?




If you’d like to put your hands on some tumbling furniture, I recommend shopping at Finnish Design Shop or directly at


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  1. 20 Aug 2017 / 22:30

    We just bought a donut swing for our daughter…great products by a great company :)

    • 23 Aug 2017 / 12:27

      Good to hear! I have the elephant, and my boy loves it. I’m definitely getting more of these!

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