Design Classic:Turning Tray

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The celebrated architect Finn Juhl created objects and furniture that simply made one’s life easier in the modern age, taking care that they should reflect the needs one has in the modern life, while considering simple aesthetics that surprise.

Even though serving tea, coffee and food was not a novelty in 1950’s Denmark where the TurningTray was created, Finn Juhl wanted to navigate away from the overdone silver platters or their polar opposites, cheap plastic trays. He wanted to create something timeless and useful.  Something one wouldn’t get tired of looking at.

Enter his TurningTray in 1956. Made out of his signature material – teak wood, this tray is as equally utilitarian as it is aesthetic. Its point is quite simple – depending on the time of the day, your mood or what you are serving, you can turn it upside down to reveal either smooth black laminate or a colourful one on the other side.

Keeping to his credo of simplicity, Finn Juhl designed the tray in such a way that it needs no bolts or screws to keep it together. Each edge of the tray intertwines with the adjacent one like a puzzle, resulting in tightly fitting wooden frame. Because not all trays were created equal, Finn Juhl’s Turning Tray also comes in three different sizes and four different colours:

Angel Blue/Black
Kimono Red/Black
Husky Green/ Black
Alaska White/ Black

TurningTray 1 – 23 x 45 cm
TurningTray 2 – 30 x 48 cm
TurningTray 3 – 38 x 51 cm

The turning tray is produced by Architectmade.

Photos: Architectmade



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