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Here is an interesting article we discovered via We (heart) Danish Design. The topic: What makes Danish modern furniture so valuable?

“It has been said that Danish Modern furniture is like that legendary little black dress – always in good taste. Danish Modern reached a pinnacle of popularity in the 1950’s and 60’s, then retreated for a couple of decades. By the early 1990’s, however, it began receiving renewed appreciation. Today, this clean, almost Shaker-like style is once again a favorite of many high-end designers and a significant segment of the public. What is it about this simple furniture that makes it valued by so many?

The Basics of Danish Modern Design

Danish Modern design joins simplicity with craftsmanship and quality. The emphasis is on functionality and aesthetics, highlighting handsome woods and sleek lines. This marriage of minimalism and ergonomics creates pieces that are light and use less space than traditional pieces, yet offer comfort and an air of sophistication.

Due to the confines of WWII, early designers in Scandinavia worked with natural resources that were readily available, such as oak, birch, ash, linen, rush and clay and those materials became synonymous with Danish Modern. The designs evoked the future, yet hinted of the past, creating a timeless appeal that is an integral part of the charm of Danish Modern furniture.

Yesterday’s Danish Modern Design

When the popularity of Danish Modern design exploded in the mid-19th century, particularly in the USA, many people proclaimed the benefits of the style. Its scale suited the smaller size of homes in that era. Because it was lightweight, you could easily move the furniture to clean under it or rearrange it. The glass tabletops and oil and wax finishes of the wood meant maintenance was easy and most people could do any necessary repairs themselves.

The use of traditional materials and quality craftsmanship made Danish modern furniture appeal to older consumers as well as young moderns, offering a universal attraction to multiple generations. As Americans began to modernize their life style with a multitude of innovations, Danish Modern furniture seemed to be the perfect accompaniment.

Today’s Danish Modern Design

The traits that were so appealing to mid-century consumers are what make Danish Modern design still desirable today. This fashion brings an air of simplicity into hectic, hurried, lifestyles. The cleanness of the lines, the warm tones of the woods and the utter comfort of the furniture is a calming escape from the stress and complications of busy lives.

With the ever-growing awareness of the need to conserve natural resources, consumers also appreciate that Danish Modern is ideal for the use of sustainable materials. Manufacturers are listening to shoppers requests and producing beautiful, eco-friendly styles reflecting the influences of early Danish Modern designers like Webster, Jacobson and Finn Juhl.

If you love Danish Modern furniture, you can still find vintage, mid-century pieces, though collectors are snapping them up quickly. Happily, though, many of today’s top manufacturers are producing new items in this popular style. You can have the convenience of new, yet still experience the classic beauty and quality of Danish Modern furniture. Even if you consider adding only one or two pieces of Danish Modern furniture to your home, it would coordinate perfectly with your décor. After all, it really is like that little black dress – always in good taste.”

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