Danish Design – I like it!

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The world-famous designer Jasper Morrison has always been fascinated by Danish design. His work has often been described as more Scandinavian than British in spirit, so its no surprise to hear that he has answered a call to curate and stage an exhibition on Danish design in Copenhagen’s Design Museum Denmark. Danish Design – I like it! is an external and international look at Danish design and the exhibition marks the change of name from the Danish Museum of Art & Design to Design museum Denmark.

“Morrison’s viewpoint has culminated in a selection of pieces that work to embody the classic and humane qualities that make up Danish design – a process he reveals to be more complex than initially anticipated. ‘It is a very condensed selection – you’ve probably notice how jammed everything is’, he explains, ‘On the first day when we started, I was a bit worried we wouldn’t have enough stuff, but by the end, we were just pushing things in and just moving things around, trying to squeeze them all in’.” – Wallpaper

You can visit the exhibition until October 2nd 2011.

Design Museum Denmark
Bredgade 68 / 1260 Copenhagen
[email protected]
+45 33 18 56 56

Photos: Wallpaper


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