Cozy and Inviting Gothenburg Apartment

, , , By Catherine Lazure-Guinard

This bright¬†apartment is for sale over at Stadshem. It was styled beautifully to create a simple, comfy and unpretentious look. I especially like the brass details, the Arne Jacobsen armchair, the String shelf system, the PJ50 lamp in the kitchen, and that vintage credenza in the living room.¬†And the kid’s bedroom with the dark wall and globe mobile is pretty sweet, too.

Lovely place!

Cozy-and-Inviting-Gothenburg-Apartment-01 Cozy-and-Inviting-Gothenburg-Apartment-02 Cozy-and-Inviting-Gothenburg-Apartment-03 Cozy-and-Inviting-Gothenburg-Apartment-04 Cozy-and-Inviting-Gothenburg-Apartment-05 Cozy-and-Inviting-Gothenburg-Apartment-06 Cozy-and-Inviting-Gothenburg-Apartment-07 Cozy-and-Inviting-Gothenburg-Apartment-08 Cozy-and-Inviting-Gothenburg-Apartment-09 Cozy-and-Inviting-Gothenburg-Apartment-10

Photos: Jonas Berg for Stadshem

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  1. Farooq
    18 Oct 2015 / 6:53 pm

    Beautiful sideboard! Where is it from!?

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