Cozy and Inviting Gothenburg Apartment

, , , By Catherine

This bright apartment is for sale over at Stadshem. It was styled beautifully to create a simple, comfy and unpretentious look. I especially like the brass details, the Arne Jacobsen armchair, the String shelf system, the PJ50 lamp in the kitchen, and that vintage credenza in the living room. And the kid’s bedroom with the dark wall and globe mobile is pretty sweet, too.

Lovely place!

Cozy-and-Inviting-Gothenburg-Apartment-01 Cozy-and-Inviting-Gothenburg-Apartment-02 Cozy-and-Inviting-Gothenburg-Apartment-03 Cozy-and-Inviting-Gothenburg-Apartment-04 Cozy-and-Inviting-Gothenburg-Apartment-05 Cozy-and-Inviting-Gothenburg-Apartment-06 Cozy-and-Inviting-Gothenburg-Apartment-07 Cozy-and-Inviting-Gothenburg-Apartment-08 Cozy-and-Inviting-Gothenburg-Apartment-09 Cozy-and-Inviting-Gothenburg-Apartment-10

Photos: Jonas Berg for Stadshem


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  1. Farooq
    18 Oct 2015 / 18:53

    Beautiful sideboard! Where is it from!?

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