Contemporary Scandinavian Apartment with Many Original Features

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This Gothenburg apartment is a true gem. Located in an historic 1898 building, it has been recently renovated, but many of its original details remain: The stunning antique tile stove, detailed crown molding, high ceilings… Contemporary furnishings provide a nice contrast against the classic and traditional features of the place. A simple and soft color palette used throughout the house creates a serene atmosphere.

The kids’ bedroom is truly lovely. I like the layout solution to accommodate the two children sharing the space.

Notice the gorgeous three legged chair in the living room? It is designed by talented Kristina Dam.

Scroll down to take the tour.


Scandi-Gothenburg-Apartment-in-a-Serene-Palette-01 Scandi-Gothenburg-Apartment-in-a-Serene-Palette-02 Scandi-Gothenburg-Apartment-in-a-Serene-Palette-03 Scandi-Gothenburg-Apartment-in-a-Serene-Palette-04Scandi-Gothenburg-Apartment-in-a-Serene-Palette-11 Scandi-Gothenburg-Apartment-in-a-Serene-Palette-05 Scandi-Gothenburg-Apartment-in-a-Serene-Palette-06 Scandi-Gothenburg-Apartment-in-a-Serene-Palette-07 Scandi-Gothenburg-Apartment-in-a-Serene-Palette-08 Scandi-Gothenburg-Apartment-in-a-Serene-Palette-09 Scandi-Gothenburg-Apartment-in-a-Serene-Palette-10


Photos: Anders Bergstedt via Entrance Makleri



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