Minimalist Cloche Lamp by Lars Beller Fjetland

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This beautiful minimalist lamp was created by Norwegian design Lars Beller Fjetland.

Reminiscent of a dining cloche, his lamp comprises a cast iron base with a bent ash arm slotted into it and copper or brass shade hanging from the other end. It can easily be taken apart for storage or transport.

“Echoing an era of sophistication and grace, Lars Beller’s Cloche lamp curiously explores beauty, weight and balance, seeking inspiration in some of nature’s most elegant and remarkable solutions. In an effort to set free the graceful, organic flow of form, the Cloche lamp represents an unexpected poetry; one that can only arise from an exploration of the improbable. Unexpected combinations of size, shape and material gain from each other, each part lending its strengths to the other to create a beautifully balanced whole. Like a bluebell flower, the lamp is firmly grounded by its cast iron roots, while gently leaning its large and seductive spun copper petals towards the light; all made possible by the flexibility of its lightweight ash wood stem. The «Cloche» lamp rediscovers the inherent qualities the materials represent, while gracefully elevating their beauty.” – Tent London

Lars Beller Fjetland is also the creative mind behind these beautiful Re-Turned birds!

Photos: Lars Beller Fjetland via Dezeen

Lars-Beller-Fjetland-Cloche-Lamp2 Lars-Beller-Fjetland-Cloche-Lamp1


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