CH417 Tray Table by Carl Hansen & Søn

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Danish furniture manufacturer Carl Hansen & Søn has revealed a new tray table at Stockholm Furniture Faire 2015.

Originally designed by Modernist Hans J Wegner in 1970, the CH417 table featured a reversible wooden tray top with a collapsible metal stand. It is available with one black and one white laminate surface, as well as a one light and one smoked oak surface. The stand is made from two bracketed frames that lock together to form a base with a crossed-shaped footprint. It can be collapsed for easy storage, allowing the tray to be used independently for serving.

“Hans J Wegner’s tray table is an extremely versatile and functional piece of furniture that doesn’t take up a lot of room and offers versatility through its multiple visual options,” said head of Carl Hansen & Son, Knud Erik Hansen. “It is, in many respects, an item that embodies the spirit of our times and responds to the growing desire for multifunctional furniture,” added Hansen.

In keeping with the 1970s design, the design has a hoop/handle that “enables the user to carry the tray while adding a refined, functional detail to the design – a well-known Wegner signature.”

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Carl-hansen-and-son-tray-table-01 Carl-hansen-and-son-tray-table-02 Carl-hansen-and-son-tray-table-03 Carl-hansen-and-son-tray-table-04 Carl-hansen-and-son-tray-table-05 Carl-hansen-and-son-tray-table-06

Photos: Carl Hansen & Søn via Dezeen


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